Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Shows Why So Many Men Are Single Today

Men in their 20s aren’t having sex. Men are not okay. More and more men identify as ‘incels’ — which stands for ‘involuntarily celibate.’

You’ve probably been hearing things along these lines in the last few months, maybe even longer.

But if you look at the statistics on heterosexual male sexlessness, relationship status trends, incel forums participation, etc., it all checks out.

And as with any social phenomenon, there are all sorts of theories as to why there’s a rise of single, 

lonely men — especially young — who, even though they want to be in a relationship, can’t seem to succeed in doing so.

Some of which point the finger at women or feminism. Surprise, surprise.

I’ve recently watched the latest season of Netflix’s show ‘Love Is Blind,’ and besides reminding me of my own horrible dating experiences from a few years ago —

I’m now happily in a relationship —I think it also offers some explanation as to why that’s the case.

More specifically, the behaviour of the male cast does.