Jam Topics On Social Media –Jam session topic

Jam Topics On Social Media – Jam session topic

Jam Topics On Social Media

Social media is used for interaction between groups or individuals.

In today’s time, the craze of social media is increasing, till 10 years ago, only a few people used social media, but as technology is increasing, social media users are also increasing, in the last few years. From children to old people, everyone is using social media, and in the future also social media users will continue to grow.

Social media is very easy to use, due to which people are attracted to it very quickly. Many people use social media well, but some spread wrong information through social media.

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Along with the advantages of social media, there are also some disadvantages :-

Advantages Of Social Media

Advantages Of Social Media /  Jam Topics On Social Media

Following are the benefits of social media :-

  • Through social networking sites, any student can easily find a good job for himself.
  • With the help of social media, anyone sitting far away can be easily talked to.
  • Social media helps to know about new technology sitting at home.

Disadvantages Of Social Media

Disadvantages Of Social Media /  Jam Topics On Social Media

Following are the disadvantages of social media:-

  • Some people are spreading fake news by creating fake profiles on social media.
  • On social media some people argue about religion which is wrong for our society.
  • There is a risk of your data being stolen on some social sites, so it is important to be alert

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