Jam topic On Pollution | Short Speech On Pollution In 150 Words

Jam topic On Pollution | Short Speech On Pollution In 150 Words

Pollution, also known as environmental pollution. Pollution is the spread of any substance in the environment, such as a solid, liquid, or gas, or any form of energy, such as heat, sound, or radioactivity, beyond the level of its recycling, storage or decomposition in a harmless form.

Jam topic On Pollution | Short Speech On Pollution In 150 Words
Jam topic On Pollution

Types of pollution

Basically there are four types of pollution-

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution
  3. Noise Pollution
  4. Soil Pollution
  1. Air Pollution – This is mainly caused by the emission of gas from vehicles. Harmful gases are produced as a by-product in factories and industries.
  2. Water Pollution – The waste of industries or factories etc. is being dumped directly into water bodies like canals, rivers and seas. As a result, the habitat of marine life is being lost and the level of dissolved oxygen in water bodies is also decreasing.
  3. Noise pollution – A large number of vehicles on Indian roads also contribute to noise pollution. This is dangerous for people who live in urban areas or near highways. It causes related issues like anxiety and stress in people.
  4. Soil Pollution – A large part of the Indian population is dependent on agriculture. For this purpose, farmers use a lot of herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides and other similar chemical compounds. Their use contaminates the soil and due to this the soil becomes unfit for growing crops further.

Many other types of pollution have also been observed due to change in lifestyle such as radioactive pollution, light pollution among others.

Major steps taken to stop pollution

The authorities at the national and international level have taken several steps to curb the issue of pollution.

  • National Green Tribunal
  • alternative sources of energy
  • BS-VI fuel
  • air purifier
  • Recycle & Reuse
  • plant trees
  • Keep your surroundings clean:
  • limit the use of vehicles

Pollution is a problem that we need to solve as soon as possible so that humans can live safely on this planet

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