Jam Topic On Global Warming | Jam Session Topic Global Warming

Global warming increases the Earth’s average surface temperature due to the effects of greenhouse gases, deforestation, and the burning of fossil fuels.

When we burn and over use fossil fuels such as oil, petroleum and natural gas, many types of chemicals are sent into the atmosphere which slowly destroys the ozone layer.

If the ozone layer is depleted, there may be holes in it, due to which the sun’s rays will directly fall on the earth, due to this phenomenon we can see sudden changes in the rainfall pattern.

Jam Topic On Global Warming
Jam Topic On Global Warming

In today’s time due to global warming people are facing many challenges like –

  • Sudden change in rainfall pattern.
  • dry and fire
  • Floods and storms.
  • extreme heat

We need to pay a lot of attention to save our environment that’s why let’s understand how we can save our environment.

  • We need to plant more and more trees so that the environment can be safe.
  • We should use less electricity.
  • Reduce excessive use of plastic.
  • Save water, use only the required amount of water
  • use solar energy products

Despite all this, the most important thing is to create awareness among people about global warming.

If we all follow these steps together then we can save our environment.

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