2 Minutes Speech on Global Warming For Students

Global Warming Speech For 2 Minutes

My respected teacher, my dear classmates and friends, good morning to all of you, on this great occasion, I am going to a speech on the topic of global warming, which is the most important environmental topic Global Warming. So let’s start :-

Global Warming Speech For 2 Minutes

Day by day, we are witnessing major changes in the Earth’s atmosphere and climate. Gradual the Earth’s atmosphere is warming, which has become very fast in the last few years. Currently we are facing many natural calamities as a result of global warming, such as; Earthquake, Tsunami, Cyclone, Hurricane etc. We are feeling the big changes in the weather like; The summer season is getting longer and the winter season is getting shorter. Polar ice mountains and glaciers are melting on a large scale.

Climate change on a large scale is an indicator of the ill effects of global warming for us. Birds are migrating from warmer regions to cooler regions, with sea storms occurring with very high intensity in the Atlantic Ocean. Sea level is rising continuously, glaciers are melting rapidly due to strong hot winds and waves, human health is deteriorating, climate is changing, weather system is changing, environment is increasing The temperature is adversely affecting the entire climate and other problems are arising due to human industrial activities.

Impact of global warming on agriculture

The Earth’s surface atmosphere is increasing rapidly due to the primary causes of global warming such as; Green house effect of green house gases. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and dangerous ultraviolet rays accumulate in the atmosphere, which heats the environment. The rate of droughts and floods has increased rapidly due to global warming. Due to drought, the soil of the fields does not get moisture. The demand for fruits, vegetables and grains by the people around the world cannot be met due to drought. Thus, global warming has brought about food shortage all over the world.

Main causes of global warming

The main cause of global warming is greenhouse gases like; Nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane etc. These gases accumulate in the atmosphere and from all sources like; Increases the temperature by absorbing the heat produced by the sun and human activities, fossil fuels, burning of petroleum, deforestation, etc. Global warming is affecting our planet in many ways.

Measures to reduce global warming

We need to bring changes in our habits like – we should reduce the use of disposable products. Electrical appliances such as air condition, hair dryer, room heater etc. should be reduced. Unnecessary use of cars and vehicles or petroleum vehicles should be reduced

Final words

If we do not reduce the increasing effects of global warming, then the day is not far when life on our earth will become impossible and natural disaster will be seen everywhere.
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Global Warming Speech For 2 Minutes

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