1 minute Speech on Global Warming For Students

1 minute Speech on Global Warming

Global warming is the rise of temperature in the earth atmosphere. It is due to the climate change but it is mainly due to the human cause.

The excessive use of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide is the main reason of global warming.

The effect of global warming includes rising sea level, extreme heat waves, regional climate change.

Global Warming Effects

The effects of global warming on environment is far reaching.They includes ocean weather and ice. The glacier are shrinking rapidly due to global warming.

The sea level rising dangerously and the regional weather change is noticeable in many region’s.

Global Warming Effects on Human

The effects of on human due to climate change increasing regularly. The crop production will hit a negative number due to global warming.

In some countries, the effect of global warming has become so much that there is a lot of difficulties in living there.

Due to heat waves and constant climate change the death toll is Rising.

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